Friday, April 17, 2009

First 100 Days - FAIL

Given that we're well past the 100 days mark and I have only managed to upload two marginally interesting posts with the latest being photos from December, it's unlikely this project will continue, even under a different theme. I simply do not have it in me.

Let's hope Obama has more fortitude than I do.

However, for anyone who is interested, I do manage to fairly regularly upload random photos of our day-to-day life here in Ile de France, to my Flickr account:

Le Petit: Less is More #3

Quite by accident, I have 100+ year old French wool string, from French sheep, holding up my sweet pea plants in the garden. I don't know if I have an appropriate appreciation for said string, since the woman who gave me this information also sold me the spool of wool for a measly 2 euros. And, we all know the way to a capitalists' grateful heart is through her wallet. Yet, it seems that any value the wool lady gained was simply in imparting this charming information and me expressing interest.

Oh, these wacky socialist ways.